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Toe Tape

Toe Tape

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Toe Tape - BH370

No pointe shoe bag is complete without a roll of Toe Tape! Made from 100% crepe, this tape is thin, comfortable, and breathable for your skin and is ideal for reducing friction and preventing chafing while en pointe. With 60 yards (54.9m) per roll, you will have enough tape to wrap around individual toes or use to tape toes together for extra support. By applying Toe Tape, you can protect your toes and prevent injury, allowing you to focus on your performance or activities without any distractions.

Product Features:

  • 100% Crepe with adhesive
  • One size: 60 yards (54.9m) per roll
  • Wrap around individual toes or tape toes together
  • Reduces friction and chafing
  • One roll per package
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